Charitable Funds

Donor Advised/Corporate Funds

Individuals, families, or businesses can contribute assets to a fund and then recommend grants to support non-profit agencies, schools, or churches.

Family and Community Funds

These funds are established for specific areas of donor interest and provide funds to a wide range of organizations. Ideal for individual donors, families, and small businesses, Family and Community Funds can be established for as little as $2,500.

Organizational Funds

  • Endowment Fund: A permanent fund established to provide ongoing income for operations or maintenance.
  • Capacity-Building Fund: A temporary fund created to distribute funds for a specific short-term project.
  • Municipal Fund: These can be endowed or capacity-building funds to help municipalities with income for operations and maintenance for facilities, parks, and programs.

Planned Giving

The Legacy Society

Giving Circles

Other Types of Funds



Field of Interest

Designated Funds